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3 Tips to Help You Close the Sale

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As photographers, our hearts tend to want to be photographers first and business people second. That can make it pretty hard to take on the role of a sales person but with just a few tips, you can make closing the sale with your clients, just a little less painful for both of you.

First, learn to recognize buying signals. Your clients don’t want to be sold, but they do want to buy. The key is knowing WHEN they are ready to buy and close the sale when you see the signals. Watch for the signals with questions they ask such as “Are the albums available with engraving?” or “How long would it take to get back if I upgraded to canvas?” are both great signal questions that clients might ask when they are ready to start buying.

Second, when a client asks you questions answer them but then lead them into the sale. For example if a client asks you “Is this album available in a larger size?” you might answer “yes, it comes in a 36 page album as well, would you like to go ahead and choose 12 more images to fill that style?”.

Last, ask for the sale! I know this might sound obvious, but you might be surprised to know that many photographers simply show the images and expect it all to sell itself. Sure, it may happen once in awhile, but nobody and I mean NOBODY can expect to just have their clients dropping their credit cards at their feet without even asking.


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