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Essential Principles For Your Photography Website – Part 4: Keep It Super Simple

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Have you gone out to a restaurant for dinner and the menu you were given was filled with so many choices it made it hard to decide what to order? I’ve gone to one of our local chain restaurants and have spent 15-20 minutes just trying to decide between all the various choices. A little closer to my house is another wonderful restaurant where the menu changes weekly, so I never know what will be on it, but one thing I do know is that there won’t be more than five or six main course meal options on it. I can typically open the menu and have something chosen within a minute or two.

The same can be said with just about anything a person has to be make a decision for. The more choices you have, the harder it will be to make that selection.

To keep your website visitors calm and moving through your site, and eventually take your call to action, you need to keep your site simple and free of distracting options.

1. Limit the number of main menu options. Your navigation bar should not be a barrier of text between your header area and your main body content. It should list only the main areas of your website and should be minimal.

2. Keep lists for drop downs shorter in length. When you are asking your readers to make a choice through a drop down selection, don’t give them 40 options to choose from. That only complicates things. Keep the list short and simple to ensure they can actually make a decision.

3. Don’t give users to many links to click through. While you may think it’s helpful to give out tons of resources through links to your prospective clients, you may be confusing them with too many options to choose from and ultimately only succeed in getting them to leave your website.

4. Keep online calls to action easy to follow through. Since we will be using a call to action on our website, we want that action to be kept as simple as possible. Things like a simple sign up form with their name and email is a good example of this. Don’t make them jump through hoops or click from page to page simply to subscribe to your list.

5. Use a search for high content websites. If you are producing a high content website with helpful articles, tips, news, etc. you must make a way to easily find information. Navigation is one thing, but even categories can get full and hard to look through for something specific. Adding a search box in an easy to spot location on your website or blog will make things much easier for your readers to find and use.

Above all, remember in anything you do online for your website, simply is the way to go! Have you got a website? Feel free to give it a share in the comments below, we’d love to see examples of some good photography website design.


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2 comments for “Essential Principles For Your Photography Website – Part 4: Keep It Super Simple

  1. November 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    Good list I especially like #4 keep call to actions simple! Thanks, Wendy

    • November 15, 2013 at 12:21 am

      I agree Wendy! Simple is always best…less chance for failure!

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