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Essential Principles For Your Photography Website – Part 3: Call to Action

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Just like with direct mail marketing, your website should have a call to action to ask your website visitor to do something. It could be as simple as clicking a button to perform an action or to call you, but there must be a call to action. Without a call to action, your website visitor doesn’t know to do anything other than view information and they might give you a call when they need arises. Maybe…

The easiest and most popular call to action is to have a clickable button that leads to a page where you can collection information from the user for later contact or to add them to your mailing list. If you’ve ever been on websites that used this form of lead generation you know that it’s not always easy to get people to take action. Sometimes we are hesitant to be on yet another list. With these negative views, how can we get our website visitors notice our call to action and then how do we make them respond to it?

Draw Attention To Your Call to Action with Size

When you are looking at advertisements, many times the advertiser will use size to draw focus to the most important element on the page. Well, we can do the same thing for our website simply by enlarging an element on the page. It draws your eyes immediately to the call to action and if you choose the right copy on the button, can draw them to click for whatever offer you have shown.

Take a look at the example below. This is the home page to ConstantContact, an email list subscription service. This is a fantastic example of drawing attention with size. Look how large the “Try it FREE” button is compared to the logo. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it. Their headline is large as well “Grow with Email Marketing”.

Call to Action Example

Offer Something with Value

People love getting something for nothing. You can entire people to take action by offering a free download to something they would find useful or even a 25% off discount code. No matter what the offer is, it’s the perfect way to get your website visitors to take action. If you plan to use this method, put yourself in the shoes of your potential client and come up with something they will get some real value out of such as a free report on “How to Choose the Right Children’s Photographer” or “How to Take Better Christmas Morning Photographs”. These are both guides that will help your user and not just a sales letter.

Peak Their Interest

Have you ever been on a website that revealed a secret? Perhaps answered a question you’ve been wondering for a long time? You can draw responses to your call to action with this same method. Imagine a parent coming to your website and is a little concerned about price. You have a call to action for “Click here for the secret to beautiful smiles in your photographs every time!”. Obviously, you will want to create your own secret answer, but you get the idea.

Create a Sense of Urgency

We all want potential clients to call us immediately, but unless you give them a reason to, they most likely won’t. When there is a timeline with a great offer or discount, they won’t want to miss out on that. To reward and entice people to call immediately, try including a statement like “Call before June 1 to receive a 20% discount on your first session”. This adds urgency to the offer and they know if they miss that deadline, they also miss out on the discount.

Create Compelling Copy for Your Call to Action

If you’re still struggling with the right headline for your call to action, we’re going to finish this article off with a list of some of my favorite calls to action. See how you can fit some of these into your own business.

  • Contact us today for a free report on how to choose the perfect children’s photographer.
  • Subscribe to receive a special 20% discount code good for your first session with us.
  • Click here to learn the top 5 burning questions you should ask your photographer before booking your session.
  • Enroll in your lifetime portrait club and never pay another session fee again!
  • Reserve your Holiday portrait session before our calendar is full.
  • Watch this video to learn how to use your portraits to decorate your home for an upscale look.
  • Call us today at 000.000.0000 and ask for your website only discount.
  • Call today for your free no-obligation portrait consultation
  • Download this free guide The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Choosing a Photographer

Do you have any calls to action headlines you like to use? Feel free to share!

Act Now Photo Credit: Kevin Shorter on Flickr


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