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Marketing Ideas for the Budget Photographer

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As a new photography business, money is always tight and even if it isn’t, why spend thousands of dollars when some of the best marketing ideas are inexpensive or in some cases free with just a little leg work? We’ve compiled a list of some awesome marketing ideas to help you get your photography business off to a great start!

1. Join a “like-minded” business for some unique co-op advertising. This type of advertising cuts your advertising cost and gets your name in front of your partners clients, almost using them as a spokesperson for your services.

2. Register a memorable domain name for your business and include it on every piece of collateral material you distribute such as letterhead, business cards, postcard mailings, fliers, etc. Make sure it is easy to remember. If multiple spellings may be issues, purchase the domain name with multiple spellings all leading to the same website. There are several domain registrars available, but you can check out GoDaddy for a good place to start.

3. If you are going to have a website, it is better to have a well crafted website or nothing at all. Having a bad website is WORSE than not having one at all. It only ruins any credibility you may have had. The photographer on a marketing budget can call around to local colleges and find a design student who is willing to do it for their portfolio for free or dirt cheap or purchase a website template! Don’t discount WordPress either. Some great websites have been created using just WordPress that helps you to engage with your audience and show off your latest work.

4. Talk to local charitable organizations that have your target market as contributors. Offer to sponsor an event or donate an item to their cause to be raffled off.

5. Research online publications that your target market reads. Offer to submit articles that would benefit their readers.

6. Host an annual open house at your studio. Hold a special purchase opportunity available only during the open house hours.

7. Start talking with the people you do business with on a personal basis. Who does your hair? Who is your dry cleaner? Show them what having some of your work displayed in their business can do for you them.

8. Publish a monthly or quarterly newsletter for your clients. Fill it with articles and useful information for them and not just advertising for yourself. Use this as a reminder to your clients that you are still around, waiting to service them!

9. Join a chamber of commerce in your city. Many of these organizations have “after hours” networking events each month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to mingle with other business owners and get the word out about your business.

10. Work with a sign company to design the perfect detailing on your vehicle promoting your business. Be sure to include not only your phone number but your web site as well.

11. When was the last time you displayed your products to the public? Most cities hold annual trade shows or local activity events such as Women’s Expo, Children’s and Baby Expo, Bridal Shows, local artist fair, etc. Get out there and show your stuff!

12. Build your mailing list by collecting names from other businesses. Develop relationships with various business types where your target market shops such as hair salons, boutiques and other similar stores. Put up a monthly drawing for a free portrait creation and gift print. Collect the names and addresses and put out a nice box for collecting the entries. Draw one each month and gain additional sales from the winner and enter all of the non-winning entries into your mailing list!

13. Develop your list of local news contacts including email addresses and mailing addresses of all local papers and their editors or other contacts your may have. Find interesting ways to spin news about your studio into something newsworthy for the community.

14. Promote an online value. A great way to track your inquiries from the web is to give out a promotion code for people to give for a percentage off their order when they find you online.

15. Develop and print up a testimonial brochure. This is different than a basic pricing brochure just like everyone else has. This is a tri-fold, professionally printed brochure holding images and testimonials from your best clients!

Want even more ideas to market your photography business? Be sure to grab our free guide for 79 Ways to Market Your Photography Business by filling out the form below!


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2 comments for “Marketing Ideas for the Budget Photographer

  1. November 8, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    Good list of marketing ideas on a budget! Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Wendy

    • November 8, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Wendy. There are even more in the 79 Ways to Market Your Photography Business by filling out the form above.

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