Portrait Delivery Packaging Options

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Have you ever walked through the grocery store and noticed in the cereal section a large selection of generic cereal in bags rather than those highly branded, colorful and well designed boxes? Which ones are priced higher? Which ones seem better? Which ones seem cheap?

This isn’t the case only for cereal. If you are delivering your finished portraits in a plastic or paper bag with no protection from being bent or scratched and absolutely no elegance about it, you are generic cereal!

Your portraits are a highly customized and valued work of art. Not only should your portrait delivery packaging include the same high standard as your portraits, but it should remain consistent with the image of your studio.

When clients receive their finished portraits, they should be given a very nice looking package that makes it seem like Christmas! It’s a gift, a gift of memories. In our studio, each of our orders is packed in a chocolate brown box that is tied up with leopard print ribbon and displays our gold foil logo on the lid. Inside, their portraits are safely packaged and protected in our signature leopard print tissue paper. Of course, doing all this extra packaging is an added expense, but it is one that my clients’ appreciation for a high-end product far exceeds, and of course packaging is included as part of the cost of a product. Packaging should match your studio look and feel and should convey the attitude of your business as well.

Suppliers for packaging can be found on the Internet and through catalogs. Look for suppliers who focus on business to business sales, rather than consumers. Typically from these types of suppliers, they sell at a discounted rate when you buy in bulk plus have tax savings advantages over buying as an individual.

Remember that it is not only the larger chain stores that must brand their company. Small business owners such as photographers can take advantage of branding to create loyalty and brand recognition among clients and prospects. The important thing to remember is to be consistent in all of your marketing efforts. Everything should work cohesively; packaging, letterhead, business cards, web site, and even the décor of your studio.

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