Using Newsletters To Build Client Relationships

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As photographers, we aren’t the type of businesses that people need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We are more of your special occasion type of business. The down side to this is that our clients don’t necessarily have a relationship built with us to remember us for every need. So how do we combat this inability to be on our client’s minds constantly?

The answer my friend is constant contact with your clients!

Before sending out even your first newsletter you need to define what its purpose is. Is it to promote your business? Is it to build customer loyalty? Is to remind your clients “Hey we’re still here!”? Is it friendly and warm or very business oriented? The answer is all of the above! To do all this, our newsletter cannot just be about us. It can’t be just another advertisement. It needs to be informative and fun for your clients to read.

Know who your reader is

For my photography business, my readers are most likely loving mothers. Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a moment. What would they like to read about: Tips on parenting, craft ideas to do at home with the kids, child safety articles, toy and product reviews, or trivia games to call in to win prizes? Of course your client will also want to hear about new and exciting things happening with your business, which includes special promotions that you have coming up. Just be sure to talk about what they are interested and less of yourself and your business.

Keep your writing in your newsletter very clear and easy to read. Talk in a casual pattern like you would normally speak in a day to day basis. If it helps, record yourself talking about the topic you want to address and then type it out. This will keep your newsletter friendly and inviting feel for your readers.

E-mail or Print Newsletter?

Several years ago when I first started talking to other photographers about using newsletters to build relationships with their clients I was a real advocate for print newsletters. At the time, I felt it was more personal and more of a guarantee to get opened. However, times they are changing!

It’s 2013 and e-mail is the place to be.

  • With e-mail you can do full color newsletters without worry about any additional cost. 
  • E-mail newsletter services are far less expensive than print newsletters. Here at we are utilizing services from aWeber to handle our subscription lists and pay for the service to send out as often as we like for the price of a pizza night at home.
  • With most e-mail service companies like the one mentioned above you can completely customize the look and feel of your newsletter through easy to use drag and drop type of tools or editors. That means no need to hire an expensive designer to create your newsletter for you.
  • With e-mail, typically you can send out as often as you like without incurring additional fees other than your monthly fee. This means you can make use of auto-responders, e-mail follow up series and single broadcasts as often as you want.
  • With an e-mail newsletter you can make use of social media through share buttons throughout the article, follow links and “send this to a friend” options.

Creating a newsletter can be a very beneficial business tool for your business. It helps to maintain constant contact and in turn reminds your customers that you are there for them, when they need you most.

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